YSL Radical Volume Effect False Eyelash Black Mascara
YSL Radical Volume Effect False Eyelash Black Mascara

Yves Saint Laurent Radical Noir Mascara, sublimate your eyes with intense color

The look says a lot about your personality. Is it sparkling, spectacular, daring, discreet, mischievous? It is revealing of your soul and it is therefore better to know how to put it correctly. For this, there is a wide range of makeup products, the star of which is mascara. This small stick of colored wax allows you to give length and thickness to your eyelashes. However, for a successful effect, it is still necessary to know how to apply it and choose the right product. Mascara should amplify the impact of your eyes while remaining natural. However, this is precisely how Yves Saint-Laurent imagined his Radical Noir Mascara.

The return of a flagship product from Yves Saint-Laurent

The False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara is one of Yves Saint-Laurent’s cult products . Conceived fifteen years ago, it has recently ushered in a new era by slightly transforming its initial formula. Indeed, Yves Saint-Laurent always seeks to offer the best to its customers and never ceases to improve its products. So he simply decided to improve the recipe for the most emblematic of his mascaras. The False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara has already conquered a whole generation and intends to address this time to their little sisters.

From now on, it is enriched with a care serum which sublimates the natural beauty of your eyelashes day after day and which reinforces their vitality. In addition, this serum preserves the freshness of the False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara for more than two months of use. Thus, it retains all its effectiveness over the days. The False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara offers intense volume and unrivaled lash length.

An intense black color with more pigment

Today, for an even more captivating result, it takes on even more colored pigments. Its black becomes deeper for a result that is all the more glamorous. It must be said that black has always been a favorite color for the Yves Saint-Laurent house, whether in terms of couture or makeup. It is therefore natural that the brand decided to work around its intensity, making it radically more magnetic. However, the Radical Black False Eyelash Effect Volume Mascara remains natural. Without overloading, it retains extreme flexibility of the eyelashes and simply embellishes your face with a new look of embers.

Apply your YSL Radical Noir Mascara well

For a successful result, it is still necessary to know how to apply your mascara correctly. To do this, start by placing your brush in the center of your lashes. Then, even out the application of your makeup, starting from the outer corner of your gaze inwards, then from the inner corner towards the middle of your lashes. Stretch the brush by making a small zigzag so as to distribute the product well and admire the result!