Y Men by Yves Saint-Laurent and his generational advertising campaign
Y Men by Yves Saint-Laurent and his generational advertising campaign

September is always a very busy time in the world of perfumery. Indeed, it is during the back-to-school period that perfumers often release their new perfumes. The Yves Saint-Laurent house has just unveiled its brand new male juice called Y Men . There is an obvious tribute to the designer Yves Saint-Laurent, but not only …

It is also a nod to Generation Y. From then on, it is a concentrate of ardor, elegance, strength and sensuality. Like the new generation, the Y Men perfume seems endowed with a very creative, daring and singular spirit. It offers us a new modern vision of Yves Saint-Laurent perfumery. So let’s see how this translates into communication.

The three muses at the service of Y Yves Saint-Laurent

For its advertising, the Yves Saint-Laurent house has decided to call on three muses. The idea was to highlight the development of men, whatever their area of ​​expertise. Thus, the advertisement for Y Men brings together an entrepreneur, a rapper and a sculptor. The combo is heterogeneous to say the least but works wonderfully! Alexandre Robicquet graduated from Stanford and is also the creator of the start-up Crossing Minds, specializing in the field of artificial intelligence.

In a constant quest for innovation, he also works on medical research in the fight against cancer. For Y Men, he is accompanied by British rapper Loyle Carner. At 22, he is already a rising rap figure. Influenced by several musical trends such as rap, jazz or pop, he has been writing his songs since the age of 16, despite his attention deficit disorder. Finally, the sculptor David Alexander Flinn also brings his stone to the building. A model in his spare time, he is above all passionate about art in general and sports. This particularly tattooed young man has a special love for raw and industrial materials.

“Everything starts with a why” Y Yves Saint Laurent

In his advertising, Yves Saint-Laurent plays on the parallel between the letter Y and its English pronunciation “Why”, also meaning “why”. Its advertisement is called “Everything starts with a why”, understand “everything starts with a why”. Through this marketing campaign, Yves Saint-Laurent encourages men to question themselves and not to follow a clear route.

The man who wears Y Men has ambition and is ready to do anything to pursue his dreams. He dares to exist and does not care what to say. Whatever your world, Yves Saint-Laurent encourages you to fully develop yourself there. It becomes much more than a perfume , it is a symbol, a talisman to brandish as a sign of victory. Everything was produced under the artistic direction of Manu Cossu, a director who has already worked on music videos for Asap Rocky, Gesaffelstein or even Drake, known for “his aesthetics, his ability to produce strong and powerful and very graphic images” .