Wonder Perfect 4D, the new Clarins mascara
Wonder Perfect 4D, the new Clarins mascara

Clarins Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara, makeup that enhances the beauty of your eyes

The look is a central element of the face. It reveals your personality but also your emotions. It is also a tool of seduction with incomparable efficiency. That is why so many women try to enhance it, adding beauty products to it daily. Among the stars of the makeup department, Clarins mascara occupies a special place! To further satisfy the desires of women, the biggest beauty brands are continually perfecting its formula. Today, Clarins has decided to play on four different dimensions, thus increasing the bewitching power of your eyes tenfold. Focus on his Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara.

The four strengths of Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara

As its name suggests, Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara plays on four complementary aspects of your gaze. Thus, it is armed to improve four axes at the same time:


The Mascara Clarins Wonder Perfect 4D improves first volume of your lashes in the coating of its stifling formula. In a single pass, it amplifies the visibility of your eyelashes with its innovative complex. What’s more, it not only works when you apply it, but also supports the lasting health of your eyes day after day. Thanks to it, your eyelashes gain 10.1% in volume.

The length

Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara, like any self-respecting mascara, also adds length to your lashes. Here again, in a single pass, its lengthening effect is immediate. However, thanks to Clarins’ skincare expertise, Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara also acts over time and strengthens the length of your eyelashes over time. It strengthens them and prevents them from falling prematurely. Thanks to him, the eyelashes gain on average 5.6% in length.

The arch

The Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara acts like an eyelash curler and thus helps you to do without this little instrument of torture! For this, he combines three vegetable waxes. The latter deposit a light film on your eyes, which coats the lashes and instantly curls them. Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara is the secret to doe eyes!

The definition

Finally, thanks to its unique and patented brush, Clarins Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara captures each lash one by one. Therefore, it offers a perfect definition of the look. It deposits the right amount of material there, evenly and without any overload.

The rose, a major ingredient in Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara

Also note that Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara benefits from all the cosmetic expertise of the house of Clarins. Thus, it incorporates one of the most famous ingredients in aromatherapy. It contains rose. Here, integrated in the form of wax, it coats the eyelashes and promotes their curvature.

For even more pleasure, the Wonder Perfect 4D Mascara is available in two different colors: black or brown.