Women by Calvin Klein, the new Eau de Toilette
Women by Calvin Klein, the new Eau de Toilette

Women by Calvin Klein becomes an Eau de Toilette

With the arrival of fine weather, perfume brands compete in inventiveness and do not hesitate to create derivatives of their most famous perfumes. Indeed, with the hot summer days, it is inconceivable to wear an overly opulent and heady essence. When the temperature rises a notch, it is better to favor lightness. This is why Calvin Klein has decided to reinterpret the scent of its recent Women perfume , released in 2018, to make it an Eau de Toilette. The news has just fallen and this new fragrance will be making its appearance starting in March.

The new recipe of Women Eau de Toilette

Women Eau de Toilette is a new fragrancemore solar and more lively than in the past. Particularly airy, it is ideal for the summer season and therefore takes on a more energizing flavor. Women Eau de Toilette is a floral and woody essence that brings a new wave of sparkling notes in the composition of the previous Women. Very fresh when it starts up, it gradually darkens and becomes smoother at its base. Its rich recipe begins with a fruity combination of lemon, blackcurrant bud and raspberry. Pink pepper, meanwhile, also appears in its top notes, as if to give Women Eau de Toilette more bite. Then, the heart of this perfume is like a huge bouquet of flowers. It is enriched with white peony, orange blossom and rose. Finally, Women Eau de Toilette ends with a more mysterious and deep base of cedar,

The Calvin Klein bottle remains almost unchanged

Aesthetically, Women Eau de Toilette preserves the style of its predecessor. Hybrid and refined, its bottle fits into several worlds at the same time. He seems to borrow the codes of art, photography and fashion. Very structured, it rests on a stable base. However, he dares rounded angles as if to echo the feminine generosity. Its cap, meanwhile, displays a disproportionately large size compared to the rest of its container. Moreover, it is not centered but is placed on its right side, a small detail of the most surprising. Now, as if to evoke the summer sun, Women Eau de Toilette has swapped its formerly pink color for a more radiant yellow.

Women Eau de Toilette, a universal fragrance

With this new fragrance, the Calvin Klein brand has chosen not to address just one woman but to all women at the same time. As the brand states in its press release, Women Eau de Toilette is inspired by the diversity of women and their power. To materialize their power, Women Eau de Toilette combines freshness, strength and sensuality. Women Eau de Toilette is an essence with universal reach that has many personalities within it. He reinvents the femininity of our time and he deploys his creative visions. With Women Eau de Toilette, freedom is everywhere!