Wild, virility at its peak
Wild, virility at its peak

It was in 1947 that Christian Dior founded his fashion house of the same name. It was also during this year that he released his first perfume “Miss Dior”, a fragrance dedicated to his sister Catherine. The following year, Christian Dior set out to conquer the United States by opening a boutique in New York. Her style is innovative, elegant and her clothes are easy to wear. The rise of the couturier came to an abrupt end with the death of Christian Dior in 1957. It was the young Yves Saint Laurent who took over the management of the brand. In 1966, Dior presented “  Eau Sauvage  ”, an ultra masculine eau. Revisited several times until 2015, when it became “  Sauvage  ”.

Conquering the wild instinct

The story of “Sauvage” begins in 1966, the brand’s first male fragrance. Then called “Wild Water”, the latter had the effect of a bomb in the world of perfumery. Bold and ultra sensual, “Wild Water” represents the man who takes care of himself. “Wild Water” then appears as the fragrance of a new freedom. Of course, Alain Delon’s involvement is not unrelated to his success… After numerous reinterpretations, Dior decides to make another change by modifying his name somewhat and becoming “Sauvage”. Its name expresses an immediate virility, which one cannot resist. François Demachy, the perfumer who imagined “Sauvage” defines it between brutality and nobility. Its fragrance is at the same time “wild, classic and elegant”. “Sauvage” is like an initiatory journey, because it reconnects with the primary instinct of men. “Sauvage” invites us to lay bare, and to guide us in the quest for oneself. “Sauvage” is the scent of refined, instinctive and powerful men.

The very masculine notes of Sauvage

It is the nose François Demachy who imagined “Sauvage”, as well as “Eau sauvage”. It offers us a unique fragrance, between freshness and nobility. “Sauvage” begins with the ultra fresh notes of Calabrian bergamot. These are nevertheless contrasted by Sichuan pepper or rose berries. The heart of “Sauvage” combines ambroxan with marine and amber tones. The base is very virile and sensual thanks to the presence of vetiver, lavender and patchouli. The bottle is very contemporary and displays a clean look. Its style perfectly echoes that of the Dior house. Its glass is heavy and synonymous with refinement. Its facet, for its part, seems dark and representative of the night. For the sake of detail, the bottle of “Sauvage” is covered with a thin layer of silver sprayed on its walls. This gives it a very fascinating mirror effect. For the new Eau de Toilette, it is the charismatic Johnny Deep, as elegant and masculine as Alain Delon, who is the face of “Sauvage”. If we can recognize a quality in the house of Dior, it is that it knows how to choose these masculine muses wonderfully well.

When “Wild Water” becomes “Wild”, the essence becomes more virile and thus reaches its peak. The composition is like a man in search of power and determination. An ultra masculine essence.