When Bad de Diesel is more intense
When Bad de Diesel is more intense

It was in 2016 that the Diesel house made its Bad perfume, a juice “for men who do what they want, when they want. For men who only follow their own rules, those of the Bad Guide ”. Quickly, Bad aroused male curiosity and created an unprecedented infatuation. So, as if to once again underline its extravagance and daring, Diesel has decided to make a brand new version called Bad Intense. This is an even more woody and spicy fragrance than its predecessor. Focus on this latest rebellious novelty.

The sassy scent of Bad Intense

Bad Intense is a fragrance that we owe to the talented perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm, big names in current perfumery. They have chosen to keep the main note of Bad , and to give it a more spicy aspect. Thus, we always find at the heart of this juice a scent of caviar. This rare ingredient in perfumery unleashes a suave salinity here, a pledge of eroticism and provocation. This ingredient is enough to make our mouth water and suggest the image of a powerful and perfectly sculpted body. Here, the caviar is first surrounded by the intense and tangy freshness of bergamot. This zesty fruit is accompanied by spices. Bad Intense begins with a duo of nutmeg and cinnamon. It thus deploys a peppery scent, hot and dry at the same time.

Finally, all his manhood is expressed in his wake. Bad Intense ends with a duo of white tobacco and woody notes. As you will have understood, Bad Intense is a juice that does not lack temperament and which has an olfactory signature that is more daring and sophisticated than ever.

All the rebellious spirit of Diesel in a leather bottle

However, as if all this were not enough to convey to us the image of a free and rebellious man, Diesel also supported the marketing of his perfume with an attractive bottle. Dressed in a material with a touch reminiscent of a leather jacket, this bottle is like a modern day bad boy. His mysterious and disturbing virility is revealed in a texture of micro-etched glass, the result of a new printing process. The whole is pierced by a transparent logo, giving us the coppery and incandescent color of a juice similar to a brazier.

The whole is also surmounted by a metal cover with a mesh pattern. Bad Intense is the scent of a man as elegant as he is nonchalant. A true magnet for women, he does not hesitate to invent his own rules and to live in the present moment. A sort of free electron, the Bad Intense man is unpredictable, leaves Mesdames to drive you crazy… You have been warned, under his mysterious aura hides a toxic charm which no one can resist.