What is the difference between My Burberry and My Burberry Blush
What is the difference between My Burberry and My Burberry Blush

My Burberry and My Burberry Blush, fraternal twins

To join the My Burberry collection, the eponymous brand is currently presenting the new My Burberry Blush . This fragrance is a floral and fruity eau, directly inspired by London gardens at the dawn of the day. Its essence exudes notes of frozen pomegranate, lemon and rose petals associated with a crunchy apple and jasmine. The result is an intensely feminine fragrance whose breath somewhat evokes that of its predecessor while being very different. So let’s take a closer look at what are the similarities and differences between My Burberry and My Burberry Blush.

A slightly different atmosphere from the previous My Burberry

First of all, let’s start by pointing out that My Burberry and My Burberry Blush do not take us exactly into the same universe. Indeed, My Burberry’s sole ambition was to represent the quintessence of the brand, its embodiment in terms of design and attitude. With My Burberry Blush it is more about representing feminine romanticism as a whole. Likewise, My Burberry was inspired by a London garden after the rain. This time, My Burberry Blush is much brighter. It is inspired by a London garden at first light of day. The rendering is not exactly the same. As a result, My Burberry Blush gives us a more radiant and sparkling femininity.

Burberry codes reinterpreted for the release of My Burberry Blush

In terms of bottles, many elements are present in both My Burberry and My Burberry Blush. Thus, these two screens have exactly the same shape. They rest on a sturdy glass seat and have a cubic shape. Their cap, meanwhile, is directly inspired by a button on the Burberry trench coat . Finally, both have a gabardine knot tied at their collar. However, the real transformation between My Burberry Blush and My Burberry is mainly due to their colors. My Burberry was entirely designed in golden shades and thus evoked the classic camel color of the Burberry jacket. My Burberry Blush, meanwhile, relies more on pale pink shades reminiscent of a blush or a gloss.

My Burberry Blush and Burberry, two very different fragrant breaths

Finally, in terms of composition, we are again in two very different worlds. My Burberry took off on top notes of bergamot softened with sweet peas. My Burberry Blush, on the other hand, draws its initial freshness from a duo of lemon and pomegranate. The heart of My Burberry evolved towards a floral and gourmet note assembling geranium, freesia and quince, while if the geranium was kept in My Burberry Blush, this time it is accompanied by rose and a green apple. Finally, the trail of these two essences is diametrically different. My Burberry ends with a woody base while My Burberry Blush ends with a floral breath.