Wanted, Azzaro's provocative fragrance available in a new box
Wanted, Azzaro’s provocative fragrance available in a new box

Wanted, the provocative perfume of Azzaro in a box

Wanted is the name of Azzaro’s latest fragrance. Nevertheless, he keeps within himself all the original values ​​of this Mediterranean brand. He gives us the portrait of a generous, daring man, and just as attractive as he is seductive. With him, the message is clear: “play, flambé, succeed”, such is his motto! Wanted is the essence of a man desired by women and envied by men. A true hero of modern times, he seems capable of accomplishing whatever he has in mind. Today, it returns in a new box.

The very contrasting breath of Wanted

Wanted is a surprisingly contrasting yet perfectly structured essence . It is made from many noble raw materials. Its breath begins with a very fresh and invigorating duet of lemon. Together, they give this fragrance an unusual bitterness combined with a juicy and sunny side. Then, Wanted is enriched with cardamom from Guatemala. Nigerian ginger, on the other hand, asserts its spicy character while giving it a more aphrodisiac part. Finally, all the masculinity of Wanted shines through in its more woody trail composed of vetiver from Haiti, tonka bean from Brazil and vanilla.

Azzaro’s box

Wanted is revealed in an elegant round box. This silhouette was not chosen at random and obviously recalls the structure of its barrel-shaped bottle. The letter A of Azzaro is imposed on the front of this box. This pretty gold and silver box contains two products from the range: the 50 ml spray from Wanted and its stick deodorant.