Wanted, a new scented launch by Azzaro
Wanted, a new scented launch by Azzaro

Famous for having dressed the biggest stars in the 70s, Loris Azzaro is a designer who has always designed perfumes in his image: charmers, socialites with a touch of humor and which unmistakably evoke his Italian origins. It is therefore in this continuity that the brand has just announced the release of a new Eau de Toilette called Wanted . This perfume, which you can find inexpensively on our site, is then intended for hedonistic men who face their destiny directly.

Wanted, a real weapon of seduction

Also, if the Wanted Eau de Toilette is today described as a weapon of seduction, it is not only because of its very virile and tempting scent. Indeed, Azzaro offers us a unique form of bottle and has gone so far as to reinterpret the silhouette of a barrel. This then makes Wanted a true symbol of power and domination. The box for this new bottle is nevertheless particularly luxurious. Its metallic cabochon is notably embellished with six golden sockets, a kind of refined firearm bullets. Likewise, this shape is repeated at the top of this sculpture and is even engraved with the name of the Azzaro sign. Its imposing cabochon is also worked with attention to detail. Indeed, its walls are sometimes chiseled for a very sophisticated rendering. The whole then surmounts a transparent base playing with the light and allowing us to glimpse the warm color of its amber juice. Undeniably, Wanted is ideally designed to very quickly become the object of all desires.

The masculine scent imagined by Azzaro

However, the smell of this perfume still had to match its aesthetic appeal. Also, it is clear that Azzaro has set the bar very high and that this is undoubtedly the case. Wanted begins with a dazzling and invigorating scent of lemon. This energizing citrus gives the whole a very stimulating aspect. What is more, this is further enhanced by the aphrodisiac presence of ginger. This delivers herbaceous and spicy aromas which are quickly relayed by the more camphoric presence of cardamom. This contributes in particular to making the whole more warm. It is then that the whole evolves towards more virility. The cade wood makes this fragrance particularly radiant and does not lack character. Vetiver, meanwhile, sublimates its base with a real surge of virility. It releases a typically masculine vibrant scent but is nonetheless softened by the velvety presence of tonka bean. It all ends with unparalleled sensuality. Finally, as if to complete the whole thing, it should be noted that Azzaro has opted for ingredients from the sustainable development sector, in particular with regard to its vetiver and cardamom. Clearly, the new Wanted Eau de Toilette has many attractive features!